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– The 44th Annual Antique Decoy, Fishing & Sporting Collectibles Show in Hauppauge, N.Y. – March 2015


1010488_713261048765303_8371050716293740010_n  10422032_579029742224355_5211705645617156381_n  IMG_2972  IMG_2971  IMG_2970 IMG_2969  IMG_2968  IMG_2957 copy  IMG_2914  IMG_2911  IMG_2910  IMG_0350  IMG_0349  IMG_0320

– Duckboat & Waterfowl Festival in Babylon, N.Y. – October 2014


10174912_623238784434197_7277162496706574763_n  IMG_1521  IMG_1522  IMG_1523  IMG_1524  IMG_1525  IMG_1526  IMG_1527  IMG_1528

– Sportsmen Expo & Game Dinner in Hauppauge, N.Y. – May 2014


– Vermont Outdoors Show – March 2014


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